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document NMSU Password Reset
Reset myNMSU Password For instructions on resetting your password, click one of the links below. HTML |  PDF  To reset your...
30 Mar, 2015
document Reset NMSU PIN
In order to reset your NMSU six digit, numeric PIN, please use your NMSU username and NMSU password with the "Reset your PIN" link at:...
16 Sep, 2011
document Activate NMSU Account
Please activate your NMSU account at the following URL: https://myaccount.nmsu.edu /activation If you cannot successfully activate your NMSU...
10 Aug, 2011
document Forgot NMSU User Name
For instructions on recovering your NMSU user name, click on one of the links below: HTML |  PDF To recover your NMSU user name,...
30 Mar, 2015
document Change your NMSU User Name
 NMSU user names can only be changed for the following reasons: Name change due to marriage/divorce Harassment or overload of...
31 Aug, 2012

Recent Articles
document Computer Security: Turning on the Firewall, Turning on Automatic Updates, and Setting a Password
To keep your computer safe, you should turn on the firewall, turn on Automatic Updates, and set a password on all user accounts. Click on the link...
01 Jan, 2016
document Dowload Sophos Anti-Virus
All students at NMSU have access to free Sophos Anti-Virus software.  Go to https://getsoftware.nm su.edu/users/sign_in to download...
01 Jan, 2016
document Network Registration
To register your device on our network, please perform the following steps: 01 Connect to a NMSU network (ethernet, AggieAir, etc.) 02 If not...
01 Jan, 2016
document How to Enter Mid Term or Final Grades
For questions regarding grading, please contact Pete's One-Stop-Shop: http://onestop.nmsu.edu 575-646-PETE 575-646-7383 >
18 Dec, 2015
document Setting Up Personal DSL Wireless Routers in NMSU Residences
 You may choose to purchase a DSL/wireless router for your residence. Click on the link below to see instructions for three routers which ICT...
12 Aug, 2015